Good Thinking platform extended to support young people’s mental health.

31 March 2021

Good Thinking, in partnership with The Mayor’s Office and with support from Partnership for Young Londoners, has launched a new expanded digital platform to provide young people aged 13-18 with access to free resources and apps to improve their mental well-being.  

The expansion of Good Thinking continues the Mayor’s drive to help and support young people on improving the mental health and wellbeing of all young Londoners. As part of this campaign, the Good Thinking team has also launched several apps to ensure that young people are getting the emotional support they need.  

Children and young people across the UK have had their lives turned upside down by the pandemic.  As a result of COVID-19, many experts have warned of an increase in the mental health and wellbeing of young people. Recent surveys have shown that young people have experienced anxiety, stress, sleep problems, loneliness, eating disorders, self-harm, and other mental health concerns. Many are under increasing pressure and struggling to get the right support.  

Almost every young person has had to adjust to changes in their education, employment, routine, and home life. Some have experienced bereavement or other traumatic experiences during the lockdown period, whilst the pandemic has also created unprecedented challenges in effectively safeguarding children and promoting their welfare.  

Coronavirus has created a new and uncertain time for us all. Many young people - particularly those who had problems before the outbreak - are worried about the effect on their mental health. The most important thing to remember is that if you find yourself worried or anxious, you are not alone, help and support is available.   

Good Thinking is free for Londoners to access and provides support to those who feel anxious, sleep deprived, stressed or in low mood. The platform is continually being update with specific resources to support the mental health and wellbeing of Londoners.  

You will find expert advice and links to NHS-approved wellbeing apps, as well as podcasts and blogs that highlight the impact of COVID-19 and contain tips to help you get through this difficult time.  

For more information on Good Thinking for young people, visit