Community urgent care consultation - tell us what you think

28 June 2018

In his guest column, Dr Arnold Fertig, Co-chair of the Community Urgent Care Programme Board, provides an overview of the CCG’s consultation around community urgent care services and explains how local people can help shape future provision.

At Barking and Dagenham CCG, we want to change and improve the way we provide community urgent care services – and we’d like your help to do it! 

Last month we launched a 12-week consultation about how community urgent care services are accessed locally, and we want to hear from as many people as possible about our proposals.  

These services provide same day care and advice for people with urgent, but not life threatening, physical and mental health issues – things like cuts, minor injuries or mild fevers. These include our GP out of hours provision, our seven GP access hubs and four local walk-in services. 

We have spoken extensively with local people who tell us that current urgent care services are confusing, which often means they go to A&E when they could be seen elsewhere. They have asked us to make things easier. 

To do this, we are seeking feedback on proposals to: 

  • Improve the way you access services – with NHS 111 the only call you need to make
  • Change the way you get urgent GP appointments – with more same-day bookable appointments
  • Change where you would go for minor illness and injuries.There are two options for changes to community services which we’d like your views on – both will help to make it easier for people to choose the right service when they have an urgent health need. This consultation is not about emergency care or changes to A&E services at any of our local hospitals; nor are we proposing changes to how GPs run their practices. It’s focused entirely on community urgent care services.  

Remember, if you need urgent advice or help always contact your own GP or local pharmacist first. We are looking at the services that you can use if your GP can’t see you or a pharmacist can’t help. 

No decision has been made - we want to know what you think about the proposals. To find out more, please visit and fill out our questionnaire. Responses must be received by 5pm on 21 August 2018.