Child and adolescent mental health transformation plan

Update on our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Transformation Plan 2019 Refresh

Statement: The Barking and Dagenham CAMHS Transformation Plan is being updated and will shortly be submitted to NHS England. Once assured by NHS England, BHR CCGs, LBBD Council and other local partners, the refreshed CAMHS Transformation Plan will be published on the CCG website in the New Year.

The Children and Young People’s Mental Health Transformation Plans have been refreshed. First produced in December 2015, they have been refreshed annually since then. The plans were developed in partnership between the CCGs and local councils, providers and stakeholders, and set out aspirations for achieving whole system change for children and young people’s emotional and mental health. The plans provide responses to Future in Mind, the national report produced by the Children and Young People’s (CYP) Mental Health and Wellbeing Taskforce in early 2015.

During 2016/17 we have seen considerable progress across BHR in developing innovative approaches to building resilience through training in schools, and trying out new ways of proving support online. We have developed an innovative approach across Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge to providing an integrated crisis and home treatment response, which reduces the need for inpatient admission.

We still face a number of challenges in transforming services to deliver our new model, in an increasingly constrained environment. However we are developing a much more detailed understanding of our position and the scale of the challenge across BHR and have the necessary partnerships in place to progress our plans.

We always welcome comments and discussion on our plan and would be happy to hear from you. You can contact the CCG via:

Page last updated 13 November 2019