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Barking Community Birth Centre

Have your baby at Barking Community Birth Centre
If you have a low-risk pregnancy Barking Community Birth Centre is a comfortable and safe place to have your baby. Highly-skilled midwives provide one-on-one support to help you to give birth naturally in one of the four comfortable rooms. Most rooms have birth pools, and every room comes equipped with balls, mats, beanbags and stools so you can find the position most comfortable for you during labour.

Your partner can stay over with you and most women go home after six to 24 hours. The centre has a kitchen to prepare meals and drinks, and a private courtyard so you can walk around outside. The centre also has a free car park.

You don’t have to be from Barking and Dagenham to give birth at Barking Community Birth Centre – everyone is welcome.

Come and meet the midwives
• Find out more, tour the centre and meet the midwives.
• Wednesdays at 6pm
• Sundays at 11am
• To book on a tour call the centre on 020 3644 2450. 

If you can't make the tour please contact the centre to arrange a visit at a time that suits you. 

Why choose Barking Community Birth Centre?
Women who choose to have their baby in birth centres are more likely to:
• have a better birth experience
• give birth naturally
• not need interventions such as caesarean sections
• not require pain-relief
• breastfeed.

According to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence and the Birthplace study midwifery-led units are as safe as hospital for healthy women with low-risk pregnancies. Both say more women should be encouraged to give birth in midwifery-led units rather than hospital labour wards as the rate of interventions, such as the use of caesarean section or an epidural, are lower and the outcome for the baby is as good.

Recommended by local parents

“I felt very laid back at the centre, it didn’t feel like being in a hospital at all. Staff were friendly and I had a room to myself, it was lovely.” First time mum.

“I had my first water birth and it was fantastic. I would absolutely recommend the centre to other women for five star care and experience.” Third time mum who has given birth at the centre three times.

“I had my antenatal care at the centre and didn’t have to wait at any of my appointments. As I live just around the corner it was also really convenient.” First time mum.

Ask your GP or midwife to refer you, or contact the centre directly on 020 3644 2450.

Barking Community Birth Centre
Barking Community Hospital
Upney Lane, Upney, IG11 9LX
Call 020 3644 2450
Twitter: @BD_CCG #BarkingBirthCentre

Barking Community Birth Centre is run by Barts Health NHS Trust and commissioned by Barking and Dagenham CCG.

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